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Less Plastic Waste

Environment ​Education

Women ​Empowerment

Who we are

Green zanzibar is an initiative of ​the women's group Tufahamiane ​based in Kizimkazi/Zanzibar.

The women's group is a registered ​local NGO and was founded in ​2004.

The women's group advocates for ​many local social and ​environmental issues.

Our projects

Plant a Palmtree


Beach Clean-ups


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Our voulnteer program

Experience the unique opportunity to volunteer in Kizimkazi, Zanzibar!

Our organization welcomes dedicated volunteers to actively participate in ongoing projects, whether it's planting trees, organizing ​beach clean-ups, or conducting inspiring workshops.

What sets us apart is our openness to encourage volunteers to implement their own projects. Your ideas and initiative are embraced ​here! Beyond meaningful work, there's the exceptional chance to explore Zanzibar in all its beauty, from white sandy beaches to cultural ​treasures. Immerse yourself in the local community, gather unforgettable experiences, and contribute to creating positive change.

Immerse yourself in the relaxed atmosphere of Kizimkazi, where life invites you to unwind and discover new experiences. The perfect ​accommodation for this is Kiziparadise, our volunteer residence. Here, you can retreat to individual rooms for peace and privacy or ​gather around the campfire in the evenings to reflect on the day.

Kiziparadise not only provides a safe and comfortable retreat but also serves as a platform for exchanging experiences with like-minded ​individuals. The laid-back environment and warm atmosphere make it a place where you can not only uncover local treasures but also ​form deep connections.

Grant yourself the freedom to experience the beauty of Kizimkazi, finding the perfect balance between relaxation and exploration at ​Kiziparadise. This is a space for personal growth and the joy of camaraderie. Be part of this unique experience and discover the treasures ​that Zanzibar has to offer!

Join our volunteer work—not just as an observer, but as an active contributor to a sustainable future for Zanzibar! Ready for the ​adventure?

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Tufahamiane Womengroup

Kizimkazi South Zanzibar

Project manager: Talha Massa Haji